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HR Philosopy

Today, the actual Human Resources perform offers created the paradigm change through as being a assistance perform to some primary as well as proper company companion. With this new part, this works together with the actual professionals and also the management in order to explain the company path as well as overall performance anticipation, as well as positively plays a role in determining the actual strategies necessary for controlling expertise to attain company objectives.

In SR Telecom Limited, the Human Resources capacity bears this obligation perfectly and play a basic part in acknowledging business destinations by leading organizational change, maintaining innovation and effectively mobilizing talent to sustain the company's competitive edge.

Work Environment

To empower the smooth working of all representatives most extreme consideration is taken to give and keep up the physical working conditions for workers.

Learning and Development:

The only thing worse than training your employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them. We commit to build up a learning organization, which continuously improves skills and performance of employees by running a professional training system, because a company's human capital is a critical asset and a success factor. The Learning & Development initiatives at SR Telecom are committed to deliver benefits to the employees by ensuring complete satisfaction with need based, timely and high quality training solutions that contribute to continuous development and growth of human potential.

Induction Program:

For new employees, SR Telecom Limited has a comprehensive induction program and in-service training program, to ensure that every new employee could meet the skill requirements before going to the post, the training programs vary from 2 to 4 weeks based on working positions.
The new employee orientation program includes a series of training courses, which are corporate culture, products knowledge, marketing and sales skills, product developing standards, etc. The in-service training program includes management skill training and technical skill training. We set training plans for all the employees at different level and of different categories, providing career development of every employee. The aim of the whole process is a long-term involvement and emphasis on growth and improving the intrinsic level of competence of employees.

Management Development Program:

Management Development Program is organized for the resources based on the organizational goals encompassing Personality development, Organizational needs and as well as Cross-functional needs.
SR TELECOM has an expertise based training approach, wherein the person's existing expertise are mapped to the desired competencies and a specific plan is developed for each and every individual.